Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014

Wow it is almost 2015 and I almost 19!!! WOW! I have thought a lot about how if they had not changed the mission age I would be preparing to leave. I am so glad I am here now and serving at age 18.

Christmas was amazing to be able to talk to you guys! I loved every second of it. Haha idk why I sound like I am from Texas!  I was just talking like normal. Maybe its my spanish accent starting to kick in. Haha but it was literally the highlight of my 5 months here. My bros have changed so much. All of them have grown and changed one way or another. 

Christmas here was just a normal day here besides being able to talk to you. The multi zone was amazing! I don't have a ton to write about because I shared a lot with you guys during Skype.

I bought a soccer jersey today. I will send a picture of it next week.  I also got my brown ecco shoes resoled. They look like work shoes now. It only cost about 8 dollars. They should work really good. I might go get my indoor shoes resoled too. Who knows. There are so many things in the Market here that they can do. 

I love you all and hope you have a Happy New Year. Keep me in your prayers and pray for the People in Nicaragua and in my Area. I love you guys so much.

With love,

Elder Morgan Anderson
Elder Anderson and Elder Carter with President and Sister Russell

We love pictures from Elder Anderson

Funny faces after district meeting.

Photo booth at a multi-zone Christmas activity

This guy is almost big enough to be an investigator!

The Ecco shoes did not hold up to  the test in Nicaragua! 

Hopefully with a new tire tread sole he can get another 50,000 miles!

Multi-Zone Christmas Party

December 22, 2014

Well I don't have much time to write today because we don't have p-day......we have a multi zone on the 24th that is in Managua with some of the other zones. I am excited for that to see my friends. Everyone who was here last year says that it was pretty cool with games and a lot of food. So I am looking forward to it as it is something a little bit different.  But so ya we don't have p-day today because of that.

I am really excited to talk to you guys on Thursday!!! I hope all works out well with Skype. Keep it in your prayers that it will work. 

Well I hope all goes well with things with Christmas, and Dads Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!! 

Elder Carter is such a great companion. We are a lot a like I have found out these past few weeks. We both like to just go to work and get things done and when we are at home after the day we joke around and talk about home and the experiences we have had. Sometimes it's hard in the house to talk in Spanish but we always speak solo espaƱol en la campo. 

This week was a little bit better with new investigators that we found. The problem is that they are a long ways a way and we have to spend a long time in that area, but the blessing is that there are 4 positive different homes in that area. Two are really young families that I am excited to go back and visit today. One night while visiting they gave us fried plantains. They are really thin and are like eating Potato Chips.  They sell them in the Market. 

I think of you guys often and hope all is well. Remember to keep the Gospel the most important thing. I love this time of year to Celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and to spend time with my Family. This year I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my brothers and sisters in Nicaragua. I am so glad to have a family like you guys who loves and supports me. You are the best. I have gained a greater love and appreciation for you guys while being here in Nicaragua. All of you are my hereos.

I love you! Merry Christmas! I will talk to you guys on Thursday!! I am so excited to talk to you!! I love you! Te Amo!

Your Missionary,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson  

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014
Well another week has come and gone, and its time to start another one. I am so grateful for the opportunity to start fresh every week. This week was another rough week in our area. Its been hard to find people who want to listen and to be able to find people to teach and help them receive the blessings of going to church and partaking of the sacrament.

I remember my Jr. year of High School soccer. I remember very clearly how frustrated I was because I wasn't getting the varsity playing time that I wanted at the start of the year. There wasn't much that I could do about it other than keep playing hard and put in more and more work everyday. I remember we then went on spring break after a loss to Sky View. I did a lot of thinking about soccer while we were in St. George. I decided I needed to do two things, help my teammates out more, and just keep working harder and harder. After that trip I started my first game and was a starter for the rest of my High school career. 

Now with that being said, ha-ha you’re probably wondering why I am talking about soccer. But I am using a lot of information from that experience now on my mission. Right now things are hard, I am not having the success that I want. But some things are out of my hands. People have agency. The only thing I can do is work even harder this week. Contact one family more, walk a little farther, and do a little extra work just to find that one family that is waiting for us to teach. We just have to keep working hard. 

I am an Anderson, I can do hard things!

Elder Anderson and Elder Carter
 This week after a meeting with the ward mission leader Elder Carter and I taught a lesson in a class for the ward mission leaders. All of them are young men or young women in the ward. It was fun to have the opportunity to help them understand more about missionary work. We taught on how to first start talking to a person and then get to know them and learn the individual needs.  We then did role play with them. It was a lot of fun working with the ward this week. The Ward here is great to help us get referrals and work with us to bring others unto Christ. One family we visit about 3 times a week and they give us dinner and we give a small lesson. The grandparents are new converts while the kids and grand kids have been members for a while. I enjoy going over there to teach.  We always have good Gallo pinto. Ha-ha. 

This last week we have been getting up around 6 to go running. We run a little over a mile then get back to the house and do a few sprints in front of the house. I like getting up early and going running. We then do abominable workouts in the house before we get ready and make breakfast for the day. 

My new house muxh different than my other house. Mom asked for a picture of my new house so I have attached a picture. It’s not very wide but is long and has like 3 rooms, one for studying, one that has a sink and all our materials, then another for our beds and clothes. I have a shower in this house. Wahoo! No more showering with the bucket. 

I think I am starting to get used to the climate here. In the mornings I wake up a little bit cold but once I get up and moving for the day I get hot again and start sweating. Ha-ha.  

My Study Area
This morning Elder Carter and I went to Managua to do stuff for my Visa. We met up with all the Elders from my CCM district which was really fun to see them again. Everyone is doing well and it’s fun to see how everyone is doing and hear everyone’s stories.  We also stopped and grabbed a donut for breakfast.  It was really good!

All in all I am doing well. Spanish is coming along. I can teach and communicate with everyone now. When they talk about work or things it’s hard to understand. But all gospel related things I am able to fully comprehend and communicate effectively.

 I am enjoying this more and more. I am excited to open my Christmas package soon. Thank you for everything!  Take care. 

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

December 8, 2014

Wow Elder Carter and I worked so hard this week! I don’t know if I could have walked any farther or talked to more people. Yesterday we were exhausted. 

We contacted back into some pretty cool areas this week with the goal of the week to find new investigators and start new in the area. We found some success but they live far from the church and we knew it was going to be a challenge to help them get to church. We walked until it was hard for us to keep going. Every night I came back to the house and just wanted to sleep.

On Sunday we woke up before 6 to go to find investigators but nobody was home or they were busy with other things. I was pretty discouraged when we showed up to church with no investigators. But this is part of the work. I realize there are days when you do all you can do and it doesn’t seem like it is enough. But everyone has agency.

Elder Carter and I worked really hard this week and he is a really good missionary. Our style of teaching is similar and we both just want to get down and work really hard. It is fun to have another American companion that we can talk and joke around. While in the field and during study time it is only Spanish. Which is good because I still need a lot of work? We are definitely blessed with the gift of tongues. While teaching we are able to teach and understand everything.  I know that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and he will take care of the rest if we put in our part. 

Masaya is way cool and I am learning more and more each week.  I am getting to know the area even though it is huge! I am excited to get back to work this week

With love,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hello! Wow so I am now done with training and have more time to go teach during the day instead of studying. But the big news of the week is that I am no longer in Granada, and no longer with Elder Jimenez. I am currently in Masaya. The area Monimbo. 

So Tuesday afternoon Elder Jimenez and I were working in my area when we got the call about changes. The whole day I had a feeling that I was going to get transferred. And yup that's what happened. So I got home that night and packed all my stuff and prepared to leave in the morning. I really loved my area in Granada. It was my first area and first real taste of missionary work in the field. I love the people in my old area and have a lot of new friends including a family that we were teaching that I told Elder Jimenez that I wanted pictures after they are baptized. I am also grateful for Elder Jimenez and all that he taught me.  But I now have the opportunity to meet new people, friends, and a new companion. 

Elder Anderson with his new companion Elder Carter
So my new companion's name is Elder Carter. He is from Idaho Falls. Haha I never thought I would be with another American companion. But he is a way good missionary. He only has 6 more weeks in the mission than I do. He is the new district leader here in our district as well. We always speak Spanish together. Today for P-day its been a little bit harder to speak in only in Spanish.  I am excited to spend Christmas with him.

So my new area is a lot of City. We are on the south side of Masaya with a huge area. The outer part of our area goes up a huge hill. We have contacted into some pretty cool areas and found a few positive people to teach. The new area is way different than my first area. Way different. I am now in the city and there are lots of parks and stores. Its harder to find people to teach here. Its cool because the last couple of days they have had like traditional dances in the streets and several times a marching band has passed our house. There are a lot of fireworks during the day as well. I am excited to be able to serve in this new area.
I got the package from the ward with the Christmas tree. Tell them thank you so much! That made my day. For thanksgiving we went to the chapel and had dinner that some of the members had prepared. My companion shared why we celebrate Thanksgiving then we ate. We had rice, carne asada and some fruit and some thing with like beets in it.

Thank you for all your love and support. 
Thanksgiving 2014 in Masaya

I love you!

Elder Morgan Monroe Anderson

November 24, 2014
Wow I have officially less than 20 months left in the mission. This change has gone really fast. It seems like not very long ago that I was helping Elder Jimenez carry our stuff to our house. So I don't have much time this week to write but don't have much to share either

This week the branch had an activity where the Priesthood brethren came and we went with them to go and talk to less actives and recent converts. I went with the Branch President and went and visited a recent convert then we went and taught a lesson with a really cool family  will talk about later. We didn't have very many people come to the activity. One of the people that came was one of the men that I taught and baptized. Its great to see him continue to learn and grow in the gospel as a new member.  He received the Aaron priesthood yesterday as well. After the activity we got pizza. It was really good. I hadn't had pizza in forever!!

The family I was talking about is way cool. It is a really young couple that lives with the family of the husband. They want to learn more and more every time we visit. Yesterday we were able to teach about Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon. I was able to talk about Joseph Smith with them and I felt the spirit testify to me once again while I recited the words of the first vision. They were able to feel the spirit as well.  I want to study and learn more about Joseph Smith and the organization of the Church this week. 

I continue to grow and learn more everyday. This week it has been a lot cooler with rain storms. I am excited and nervous for changes. I don't know what will happen. I could be writing you next week in the other part of Nicaragua. I have faith in Heavenly Father and President Russell to place me where I need to go. I can do hard things. I am ready for whatever happens. I am an Anderson. 

I love you guys. You are always in my prayers. 

With Love,
Elder Morgan Monroe Anderson