Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 62 - Family of GOLD!

September 28, 2015

This week we had a lot of work that we were able to do. It has been quite hot and humid but its been nice as it has rained quite a bit at night.

This week Elder Diaz and I have been looking a lot for new investigators! We have contacted a lot of people these last few days and have found several really positive people. 

The family I have been telling you about are getting closer and closer to their baptismal date. I am super excited for them! The gospel principles class this week was on Families! They loved the class and I have seen how they have come closer as a family through our message. It is a lot of fun to leave homework for them to read in the Book of Mormon. They read it, then when we come back they tell us about the story, what they have learned, and how they can apply it into there own life! They are the family of Gold that every missionary dreams of! They have come to church, go to the activities and are planning to go to just about every conference session this weekend. The husband has been a great example to me as he has worked very hard to overcome his problems with the word of wisdom

I apologize I don't have much time to write this week. I love you guys and hope all is well. 

Please write me next week with your thoughts about General Conference.

I love you guys!!!

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Elder Presinal and Elder Diaz with Elder Anderson

Elder Martinez

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 61 - Transfers and Baptisms

September 21, 2015

Well I guess the big story of the week is two things, transfers and baptisms!!! 

This week I got a call on Tuesday that told me that Elder Presinal and the other Zone leader had changes and that I, was going to train again!! To my surprise, at change meetings I met a guy from North Logan Utah. Little did I know that he would be new my companion and I would be training him!!! So ya, Elder Diaz is from North Logan up there by the Library and went to Sky View High school. He is super cool. He ran cross country and track in high school so we get up and go run every morning. 

The new zone leader and my new companion is Elder Mateo. He is from the Dominican Republic, my 3rd companion from there. haha. He is a lot of fun and I'm excited to be able to serve with him. He is super excited for the work. 

So this Saturday we had 4 baptisms. It was that mom and her 3 little kids!!! Wow all I can say is that I know that there is opposition in all things. We had to work so hard to be able to get them baptized...The adversary is very aware of the potential this family has and did everything he could to stop them from getting baptized..... everything..... But after much fasting and prayers we were very blessed to help them be baptized and confirmed into the true church of Jesus Christ. I love the scriptures of when Ammon was talking about how happy he was after their mission. He then expressed his happiness of the work and of what the Lord helped them to do. I feel the same way. I am so happy with the work that the Lord has helped me and my companions accomplish.

We are still teaching the other family that I have talked about. They too have had their struggles and concerns but are changing quickly to be able to baptized on the 10th of October. I am often so inspired by my investigators and their ability to change and accept the gospel. This family is reading the Book of Mormon, the book of Principios del Evangelio, (Gospel Principles) and the Proclomation of the family! Golden Investigators!!!!!!

I love this work more and more everyday, and its crazy to say I have  14 months in the mission. It has gone by so fast and I feel like I can still learn so much more. I have seen a great change in my life to be able to focus more on the spirit and what the Lord's plan really is for me in my life. I love this gospel and the opportunity to be a missionary.

I love you guys. Take care, Be smart, Be obedient, stay strong!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,

Elder Morgan M. Anderson


Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 60

September 14, 2015

Well this next week we have changes. I guess we will see what happens. I am happy with wherever I go. Because I know it's the Lords will and what he wants me to do. I know there are people out there waiting for me to teach them the restored gospel. 

Well Elder Presinal finally finished his 12 weeks of training. Tomorrow we can start working at 10:30 again! He has taught me a lot. I have learned how to be a better missionary from him and how to follow the spirit more. I have become really great friends with him.  I love the opportunity I have to learn from each of my companions. I can always learn how to be a better missionary and learn how to teach better from them. 

Well I guess I should tell you guys about the two families we are teaching. 

The mom and her daughters are doing good. They came to church again this week and are still progressing great. They were able to go to a baptism this week for the other ward and they loved it. After we talked to them and they said they felt the spirit they strongest they have ever felt it. But when things are going good the adversary always seems to put trips and falls in our paths. They have some close relatives and friends that are not part of our church. They came out and told us one night they didn't want to meet with us anymore.....my heart sank. But then we talked to them and they realized their testimony of the truth of the gospel. They are continuing to read the Book of Mormon and pray. They should be getting baptized really soon. Which I am super excited for!!

The other family I was talking about....(the one where I tripped in front of their house) They are amazing!! The wife was in another part of town all week working and came back Saturday night. During the week we taught her husband about the Restoration of the Gospel including Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They man has told us of how he felt the spirit and wants to keep learning. The wife came back and i think was a little bit amazed at how during the short time she was gone, how her husband has changed. The family went to church including there two little girls and are really progressing for their baptism in October! 

This week has been great, filled with lots of hard work, happiness, as well as a few trials. I love this work and I love my savior Jesus Christ. I learn new things everyday while on the mission.  

Take care, I love you guys!!

With lots of love, from Nicaragua,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 59

September 7, 2015
This week was a lot better week as I got a lot of time to spend in my area as well as help out other companionships in the zone. I love being able to work with other missionaries and always meet fantastic people throughout the zone of Managua. 

This week I was able to work with Elder Paine. It was pretty fun when we got back at night and we talked for a couple of minutes about all the stuff we did at home and everything. It was fun to get to know him and his companion a little bit more and work with him in the area.

This week we didn’t get much sleep because of divisions but it was a great week. The family we are teaching are still progressing really well. We taught them the Book of Mormon and the Word of Wisdom. They even came to church this week with a broken water pipe line. There water line for there water broke to there house....it was kind of a mess when we passed by to go get them. They have a dirt floor and they had newspaper all over the floor trying to soak it all up. But they came to church!!! All 5 of them! Wahoo!! We had a lot of people in church as well as some other really positive investigators. 

We also were able to find another family this week. We were walking past this house where I lady was sitting on her porch with a little girl. I about tripped and fell in front of her house.....(there was a cement block I didn’t see....haha) But as I tried to catch myself I got up and went and contacted her. We got talking for a while about families and how important they are to Christ and to each of us. The little girl was her daughter and was probably about 6 years old. As we got talking about Christ can help our families she just started to cry......She told us about how she wants help with her family and how she wants a better situation and she knows she can receive that through Christ. Then out of nowhere her husband comes up and we start talking with him. The wife went inside to go help the little girl with something and we started talking to the husband. He then with tears in his eyes as well, expressed the same needs and wants. He knows he has the most things to change but with faith he knows he can do it. He was not able to go to church this week but committed to go the next week. We have talked to him about repentance these last couple of days; I am so excited to be teaching him and this little family. 
This Church is the Church of Jesus Christ and the most important unit is the family.

I am doing great. I love the mission. It’s crazy how fast time is going by. Like I have said before I want to go back in time and start over with all the information I now have. 

I love you guys!

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Pictures in Restaurant with Elder Presinal
Picture with Elder Henriquez my companion and other Zone Leader in Zona Managua

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 58 - Multi-Mission Conference with President Nielson

August 31, 2015

This week was filled with wonderful spiritual and uplifting experiences that strengthened my testimony. So I guess the big rumor that mom had been hearing about President Nelson coming to Nicaragua was right! This Saturday both missions were able to hear and meet President Nelson, President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.

We got up early on Saturday and walked about 5 blocks to the stake center. All of the Spanish speaking missionaries were given translators, like you see at conference and what not so that they could hear it in Spanish. When President Nelson walked in everyone stood up and you felt the spirit quickly enter the room. We then got a chance, one by one, to shake his hand. I know that he is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I testify that this church is the only church upon the face of the earth that has a Living Prophet and 12 Apostles just like Christ established here on the earth.

He then instructed us on how we can work better with the members  He also gave us a few things he would like us to study to help us be better in the mission and in our life at home. I was filled with the spirit all day that day and came out of the Chapel feeling an overwhelming sensation of the love my Heavenly Father has for me and that he knows me and my needs as well as the needs of my investigators.

So this week I also had a meeting with President Russell as well as with all the other Zone Leaders. It was fun to talk to Elder Hironaka again and see how he is doing. Our zone also had our normal 3 month interview. I was running around getting ready for the interviews in the morning and in the afternoon I was able to go check on the houses with one of the Assistants to President and Hermana Russell. I love interviews with President. He always helps me to know how I can be better at missionary work and how I can better help the Zone.

This week we also had zone meeting. My companion Elder Henriquez and I talked about using better inspired questions and how to study better. I know I will be better at studying the gospel as well as studying in school because of my mission.

So the lady I told you guys about last week was really hard to find this week because of how busy we were and that she went out of town. So, while we passed by her house we contacted her neighbors who are probably even more positive!! It is amazing how the Lord places people in our paths as missionaries. It’s a single mom and her 3 kids as well as, the lady’s mom, so the kids grandma.  Anyways they all came to church this Sunday and are super excited every time we come over. The youngest is 9 years old and likes to joke with us, but when we are teaching him he pays attention and can answer the questions really good. They are a really great family and are super willing to accept the gospel.

Wow!  So I guess it was a pretty busy week. I am excited for this week to see what will happen with this little family and other people we find. I know this is the Lord’s work. He loves us and wants us to succeed.

I love you guys!!

With love,

Elder Morgan M. Anderson