Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 75

Ha ha it was great to get to talk with you guys this Christmas!! Everyone is growing up super fast!!!!! My brothers look super different! Even though you all say that I have Spanish accent....Ha ha thats what happens when you speak Spanish 24/7....Ha ha.

I apologize I dont have a lot to write about this week. We talked a lot about the week on Friday.

This week we met a super awesome investigator. It was one day when Elder Herrera and I were knocking on house doors....or yelling buenas.... and a guy came out of his house to talk with us. We talked to him for a bit and found out that he is an event organizer for a Rock Band....ha ha, pretty cool. He is super postive and we have plans to go by tonight to talk with him and his wife. He was all ready to go to chúrch when we passed by his house on Sunday for church.

On Thursday we had a great time at the Multi Zone. It was super fun to see some old friends, including Elder Orellana and Elder Presinal. The two of them are doing really great and it was fun to talk with them. Its crazy to think that Elder Orellana has already 9 months in the mission!!

I attached a bunch of Photos. I hope you enjoy them. Take care, I love you guys!!!

With love,
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan Anderson

Multi-Zone Christmas activity with President and Hermana Russell

Elder Morales, Elder Gesualdo, Elder Anderson, and Elder Hererra

Christmas Skype 2015

We loved hearing from Elder Anderson on Christmas Day via Skype.  He sounded good and we loved hearing about his new area in Masaya, Los Pueblos.  He struggled at first to speak in English and after a few minutes we could still hear a strong Spanish accent as he talked.  The Skype connection was not the best, but it was pure joy to hear his voice and see his beautiful smile and handsome face.  We were able to talk with two of the Elders he lives with.  We loved meeting them and speaking with them for a few minutes.  Elder Morales speaks English, but the other Elder only speaks Spanish so Kevin spoke with him.  Elder Anderson does not want to come home this summer and has made life long friends with his various companions and other Elders he serves with.  He became emotional as he spoke about his previous area and in particular about the family he was so blessed to see enter into the waters of baptism.  This family continues to grow in the gospel and are a family of GOLD.  The work is hard in this new area, but he is positive and we know that great things will take place as he continues to serve with all his heart, might, mind and strength.  He had his multi-zone Christmas activity on the 24th.  One of the presents from President and Sister Russell was a microwave for each apartment. He and the three Elders he lives with enjoyed microwave popcorn that night.  Such a treat to have a way to cook food now. I took a few videos of his call, hopefully I can download them and you can hear his Spanish accent. He is doing great! We are richly blessed as a family through his missionary service.

Week 74

Wow its almost Christmas......and Happy Birthday Dad!!

So I don't have a lot of time to write. This week we worked in a lot different areas. I went out to a place called Diriomo and worked with the District Leader out there and his companion. It is a really cool area that is up in the mountains. In the area there is a huge lake that is really deep. It used to be an old volcano.  Water filled it in so it is a lake now.  In this area there are a lot of little villages that have a ton of people in them! It was a lot of fun, but we had to get up super early both days to get up there. Its not super far away, but it takes about 45 minutes to get there by bus. 

This week I have contacted a lot in the area. A lot!! ha ha. We would just find streets and just contact the whole street. We didn't have a ton of success as our commitments fell through on Sunday. Just have to keep my head up and keep pushing forward. I really like the area and the zone. The people are super friendly and the area is nice and cool. I know we will have a lot of success really soon.

For Christmas, the 25th of December, I will plan on being on SKYPE after 3 Nicaragua time. It could be as late as 7 or 8 Nicaragua time. We are still trying to decide on a few details but I will be on. So just be ready to respond.

On the 24th we will have a multi zone meeting with President and Hermana Russell. I am excited for that. I bought myself some Christmas gifts. I bought a new bag that goes around my waist like I had before, but it is super cool. All the missionaries have a bag like it. I also bought a new those are my new Christmas gifts....ha ha.

I have really enjoyed reading a letter everyday. I enjoy reading and feeling of everyone's testimony of Christmas and Jesus Christ. Thank you. 

I love this time of year and I am really excited to be able to spend Christmas of 2015 with the people here in Nicaragua. I love this work. I love this Gospel. I know that Jesus Christ was born in a humble manger,  but is our Lord and Savior. I love him. 

Merry Christmas!!
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson. 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 73 - Los Pueblos

So I guess the story of the week is changes. It was hard to leave Las Palmas and the people, but I love my new area. I am in a newer zone called Los Pueblos. It translates into english as the villages. Most of the zone is in the higher part of the city of Masaya, but a lot of the areas go up into the mountains. There is a district of missionaries up in the mountains by Granada which takes about a 25 minute bus ride. It is a super cool area in terms of the weather. Our area where we live is like a big subdivision, but we walk like 5 minutes and we are in farm country and climbing mountains. I will attach some pictures.

Its a lot cooler weather here as well. I wake up in the mornings a little bit cold. Something that never happened in my time in Managua. Sometimes the water goes out, but we have a big tank in the house that holds the water. Everytime we shower or need water you have to turn on the pump. If you want to turn the water off you just yell really loud and somebody turns off the pump.

While walking this week I have seen a lot of corn, tomatoes, platinos, and farmers in there little villages. This week while walking we ran into a member with three little calves so I told him I wanted a picture with the calves.....he is in the back of me holding onto the calf while it was trying to get away.

My new companions are Elder Morales, (The other Zone Leader) Elder Gesualdo (the companion of E. Morales that he is training) and Elder Hererra (my companion). Elder Morales goes home the end of this change and is from Honduras. We have been good friends as we know each other through Zone Leader meetings and I am excited to be able to work with him. Elder Gesualdo is my 5th companion from the Dominican Repulic. He is a super fun guy! Elder Hererra is my companion and is from Guatamala. He has helped me a lot this week to get to know the area and the investigators.

I love my new area. I love the work. I know that through faith, obedience, and hard work brings miracles. I love teaching the Nicaraguans. This week we walked back to a house clear up into the mountains and they were not there so we hiked all the way back down. I was kind of upset that they were not there to be honest....we walked a long way....hahaha. But we passed by a recent converts house and shared a quick message with him about the Sabbath day. I quickly felt the spirit and the love of Christ again and realized once again how much I love the mission. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ, and by living His gospel brings 
eternal life and happiness.

I hope all is well. Take care!!

Nicarauga Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Elder Diaz  and I with the Bishop and his wife in Las Palmas

Mountains of Masaya

Elder Morales and I by a Christmas tree of lights

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 72

I apologize as I do not have much time to write. This week is a big holiday week and everything is going to close down today in the afternoon. 

This week was full of miracles. An investigator named Maria gained a testimony from reading the Book of Mormon about baptism and told us on Thursday afternoon that she wanted to be baptized on Saturday!! Wahoo! We have been teaching her for a long time now and finally she got baptized! We also baptized the lady from the Atlantic Coast that speaks mosquito. 

As well this week Elder Diaz and I went to a few lessons with our recent converts Oscar and Zenobia. We were teaching about the Book of Mormon to a family and Oscar pulls out scriptures and starts teaching about the Book of Mormon with scriptures, testimony, and testifying of the blessings he has received as he has read the Book of Mormon. This family is awesome!!

We worked really hard this week and it payed off. Elder Diaz is now finished with his training and is one of my favorite companions. He is a great missionary and I am excited to see him in the future. He will be a great fantastic missionary!! I have a lot of respect for him as he taught me many things of humility, faith, and following the spirit.  I know that he was a very large part of why we have been successful these past few months here in the area, Las Palmas.

I know this church is true. I love you guys. I think of you often. Take care! Tell the family hello! I love you guys!!

Nicaragua Managua Sur, 
Elder Morgan Anderson

Zone Leaders.
Elder Martinez with Elder Anderson

Elder Antuna, Elder Mateo, and Elder Diaz with Elder Anderson. 

Zona Managua.