Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 92 - Jinotepe

April 25, 2016

Sorry I don't have anytime to write this week. I will talk to you guys next week and explain more.

I had changes here to Jinotepe. I have attached a couple of Pictures. 

I love you guys. 
I attached a couple of pictures from Masaya and with my new companion Elder Bustillo.

Love you guys!
Elder Morgan Anderson

P.S. I got my package as well. 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 91 - An Amazing Week

April 18, 2016

This week was an amazing week. One that I will never forget. 

This week started off with a trip out to a part of our area super far away. Its like an 8 minute drive up into the mountains...haha. It was a reference from General Conference. I knew who they were because I had contacted them during the month of December. We got talking to them and they were now ready to accept and listen to our message. One of the people that live there is 97 years old and she came to church with us on Sunday!!! Wahoo!! She still talks, walks, and even reads still. The whole week members have gone with us to visit them and to help them progress. 

Then this week I had the chance to do divisions with Elder Castillo. He was one of my companions in Las Palmas and is the Distict Leader in the District. He came to my area. It was a lot of fun working with him and being able to see how much he had changed since his training. 

Friday I had the opportunity to go out to Diriomo again to help the missionaries their and be able to go to the District Meeting. 

But I guess the big story of the week is our two baptisms. This week we had the opportunity to baptize Freddy, and Karina. 

Freddy has been a investigator since early February. He has progressed a lot since the first day that I met him. We have worked so long to help him get married and then baptized. He has taken the Book of Mormon and applied it to his everyday life. He spends a couple hours of the day just reading. Sometimes while I am studying he will call me and just tell me that he is reading the Book of Mormon and the things that he has learned from the teachings that day. I have learned a lot from him. Several times I have left from lessons feeling like that I learned more from him than I taught him. All the members have helped us and are always asking us about how he is doing. And now finally he is baptized and is a member of the Church.

Karina is also another amazing convert. I remember the day we contacted her. The week was going terrible. We couldn't find anyone in the area, all of our appointments fell and everything was just going down hill....I remember that before we left the house we prayed that we could find one person that day that would get baptized. In the early afternoon we contacted a house that looked like nobody was home. To our surprise a young mother and her two sons came running outside. We talked with her for five minutes then came back the next day to talk with her and her husband. They only let us stand in the door, but we taught a quick lesson. From that point on Karina talked with us more and more and has read a lot of the Book of Mormon also. She was still pretty unsure about getting baptized early this week. We went over and had a great lesson with her and committed her to pray and read a chapter in the Book of Mormon to know if she needed to get baptized. We came back the next day and had one of the most spiritual lessons I have had. We felt the spirit so strong as she told us that yes she wanted to get baptized. I know that praying and reading the Book of Mormon will always give us the answers to life's questions.

All has been well this week. I love the area and I love the work. This is the true church. Thank you for all your love and prayers. Take care. I love you all. 

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Las Flores

Las Flores

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 90

April 11, 2016

Wow! This week I have probably traveled the most I have ever in the mission, and all in my own zone. This week just about everyday I left my own area to go help other missionaries or do different things. It was a lot of fun. We received a lot of blessings as well this week in our own area even though we didn't have as much time to work in our own area as usual.

Wednesday morning we packed our bags and went up to Diriomo. Every time we pass through the town Caterina we roll down the window and stick our hands outside to see how cool it is. Haha! When we got to Diriomo it had been raining a little bit so that made it nice. I did a baptismal interview for the Elders then we went and worked with them for the day. It was a lot of fun to go to Diriomo again. I am getting to know a lot of people and its fun to go back and talk to them to see how they are. 

Then ThursdayFriday and Saturday we had more interviews and other things that needed to get done. It was crazy but we saw a lot of blessings in the area. 

Freddy is an investigator that is going to get baptized this week. We found him a long time ago and finally he is going to get baptized. He is the man that is in the picture by me that I sent last week. He is super excited and knows a lot about the gospel. Ever since we met him he has been reading the Book of Mormon. He is now in the middle of Mosiah. He has a great understanding of the Book of Mormon and a strong testimony. We are teaching a lady and her husband. Finally her husband came to church. She is preparing to get baptized this week as well.

I love this work and being able to be in the streets here in Nicaragua. I love this country and the people here. I love this Gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I was thinking this morning during studies about how much I have learned about the Atonement and how much that it has made an impact in my life. I feel the Atonement of Christ each and everyday of my life and as I teach. 

Take care. I love you guys.
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan Anderson

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 89

April 4, 2016 

Wow! This week has once again been full of trainings and hard work, especially since its been conference weekend.

This week we had a great leadership council with President Russell. Every time we meet with him I seem to learn more and more. He spoke of Sacrifice and I loved a scripture that he shared in  2 Cor. 4: 16,17. Even as we work in His work our bodies may began to go down hill, but the spirit will be even stronger with in us. We then on Friday had a zone meeting and got to meet with our zone and do lots of trainings and talk about goals and council from President Russell.

This week was full of work. All day Saturday and Sunday we were out in the field. From 7 in the morning until 9:15 at night. We worked all day taking people to the conference center in taxi's and getting them home. It was great as we had a lot of people come to conference. I'm sure they felt the spirit as we heard the words of our beloved prophets and apostles. While waiting for a lady to get her kids dressed we told her that we would be back in ten minutes to get in a couple of contacts in the area we were contacting. It's a cool area with a ton of little houses with a bunch of guys making leather belts, and all sorts of animals like, pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks, cats....haha. But anyway we contacted a family that lives in the house that is in the very back. As we came to the door we saw it was a family. As soon as I saw them me and my companions looked at each other with smiles because for some reason we knew they would be positive. We talked with them and there two young daughters finding out that they have had many struggles in their life and want to change. We put a baptismal date with them and then committed them to church. We were there about 25 minutes. By that time the other investigator had been waiting for us for about 15 minutes...haha sorry...The next day the mom and two daughters went to church and loved it. We are excited to go back on Tuesday to keep teaching them. Our Heavenly Father definitely has a lot of people here ready for us to teach and serve.  

Conference was amazing!! I loved every talk in Priesthood Session. If you guys have not heard them, listen to them tonight!!!! I enjoyed especially the talk from Elder Nelson. He spoke very boldly about the need of worthy priesthood holders and the blessings that we will receive as we are worthy. At every moment we need to be ready to use His priesthood. I know, Jaren, Carter, and Dallin, that as you listen to this talk you will find those things that you each need to do to prepare to receive the priesthood. 

I attached a picture of us at conference with Lester. He got baptized in February and he put on his new tie to go to conference!! The other guy is Freddy, he is one of our amazing investigators that is going to get baptizedthis month. 

I know this church is true. He leads this church through a living Prophet and His 12 apostles. I know that every word that was spoken is true and that it will better our lives as we put these councils into action. 

I love you guys! Take Care!!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Anderson

Zone Meeting


Multi Zone last week with Elder Diaz