Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 88- This week was full of great work and lots of things to do.

March 28, 2016

This week was full of great work and lots of things to do. 

To start off on Tuesday we went to Managua for a Multi Zone with some of the other zones in the mission. Me and Elder Bradbeer gave a class on Teaching Repentance with using the scriptures. We focused on the importance of the scriptures as we teach and how important it is to relate the experiences that are in the scriptures with other people. It was a lot of fun to interact with all the missionaries and see old friends and make new friends. 

After meetings Wednesday, we got up early Thursday morning to go to Diriomo. Elder Solis and Elder Bradbeer dropped me off with the District Leader and his companion so I could work with them then spend the night to go to District meeting with them. I always enjoy going out there. We taught the family of the branch secretary. They live on a lot where there are like 9 houses full of their family. At the end of the lesson their were like 10 people listening. Haha!  It was a lot of fun. I called the missionaries out there yesterday to get their numbers and they informed me that they all went to church on Sunday. I was pretty excited for them. It was a lot of fun that day too because pretty much all of last week people were off work so we got to talk with a lot of families. Families that were really ready to here our message. 

Friday afternoon they dropped me off here in my area and we worked really hard even though it was super hot. We had a lot of visits to go to that day. While I was gone Elder Solis and Elder Bradbeer found a super positive family. We taught them Saturday night and Sunday they were waiting for us ready to go to church. We were five minutes late and they were joking with us thinking that we had forgotten them. They are a super young family that has 3 little kids, two 4 year old little boys that are twins, and a girl that is only like 1. The little kids didn't want to go to Primary so in priesthood meeting the twins sat with there dad. Haha. I know that our Family is Eternal and that the gospel blesses families. We are excited to go visit them tonight

The family I told you guys about last week is still progressing. Actually the lady is progressing. The husband doesn't seem to have much interest. She is reading the Book of Mormon and has such an incredible desire to learn more. 

I really enjoyed Easter weekend. I know that Jesus Christ died for you and me. Take care. I love you all. Have a good Spring Break.

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 87

March 21, 2016

Buenas Tardes. So Elder Bradbeer and I figured out today that day light savings time has passed and so now you guys are on the same time as us! Cool cool.

So this week has gone by super fast but not without its tough days.

Tuesday I got up super early to go with Elder Solis to the New Missionary training meeting. That was a lot of fun. Even after going to that meeting a lot I always receive new wisdom and counsel from President and Sister Russell, and its always fun to talk with everyone and eat a hamburger from Burger King during lunch.

Wednesday and Thursday were days just to work super, super hard and that's what we did. Thursday night we contacted a lady who just started crying when we talked to her. She expressed that during December her mother had passed away. Even as she has been very religious her whole life, she had a lot of questions about death and the what happens after we die. She didn't have much time to talk, but we set a return visit with her. She has a very busy work schedule but we are going to talk more with her on Wednesday.

I really have tried to live my mission by the teachings of DyC 123:17. On Friday we worked and worked, but seemed to have very little success. It was after 8:00 and we were tired and ready to go back to the house. But as always we kept working. We decided to pass by a family that we contacted the day before and when we knocked on the door nobody came out. We knew they were there but just didn't come out. We left ans then felt like we needed to come back after about 30 minutes. They then answered the door and we spoke with them for a bit and put a baptismal date with them! Wahoo!!! After we turned the corner we all started running and giving each other high fives because we were so happy. The mom came to church on Sunday as well. It's a small family with two small boys. I know that our Heavenly Father blesses us as we do all we can then as we apply his atonement. 

We had a few other big blessings yesterday as we have seen our Heavenly Father prepare a way for our investigators to enter into the waters of baptism. Allan was baptized on Saturday and is excited to go to seminary with his older brother Marcello. 

I really love Mosiah chapter one through four. Especially chapters three and four. They are amazing prophecies from King Benjamin of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I challenge you guys to read it this week. What a fantastic week it is to remember our Savior Jesus Christ. In Nicaragua they take the whole week to remember Christ and his atonement. I hope we can all remember Him. He died on the cross for you and me, but he rose again the the third day. He lives. He lives and guides this church. 

The work is great. This is the true Church. He lives.

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

With Elder Castillo and Elder Solis after District Meeting.

Baptism of Allen

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 86 - Proclaiming this gospel like a trumpet

March 14, 2016

This week went flying by like crazy. It was full of conferences and changes.

Not much to say about changes. I am staying here in Los Pueblos with Elder Bradbeer and Elder Solis. I am super excited about that. I really enjoy the area and working here in this zone. 

I don't know if you guys remember when I talked about Elder Castillo. He was finishing up his training in Las Palmas when I went to be Zone Leader with Elder Hironaka. He had changes and is now the Distirct Leader in my District. Haha! He is a super funny guy. He always wants to talk about all the times we worked together and laugh at all our funny experiences in Las Palmas. He is doing a super good job in his new area as well. Almost all our areas in the zone had a change. 

So with this change it meant that Elder Martinez my trainer left. I learned a lot from him. When the change meeting ended I saw him tear up.... I never ever saw Elder Martinez tear up. We are a lot a like....hahah. But I just went up and gave him a hug and told him thanks for everything. He was super sad to leave the mission and all his friends. He was a great missionary, and I owe a lot to him because he has taught me a lot of stuff over these past 19 months. 

So with the changes I took the opportunity to go up to Diriomo this week with Elder Solis. Elder Bradbeer stayed with the District Leader and did some work with Elder Castillo in his area. I left at 8:30 in the morning and got back a little after 5. It was a great day. 

In the District meeting in Diriomo I was sitting down verifying how the missionaries taught in the practices and just listening to them when I got hit with a desire to teach. Hahaha!  I just wanted to jump in and start teaching with them. This week I have felt a need more than ever to teach and proclaim the restored gospel. I love in Doctrine and Covenants when it talks about proclaiming this gospel like a trumpet! I then spent the afternoon doing a couple of interviews and meeting some of the investigators. 

We have been working super hard this week in the area. We only found one really positive lady though. She loved the conference. She was super excited when we passed by that night and was even more excited to come back on Tuesday. She is an older lady that just lives with her young grandson. Funny story is that she has a dog that bites...haha, not hard just like nips. Out of nowhere we were teaching and the dog just came up and nipped on Elder Solis leg. Nothing happened to his leg, didn't even leave a mark, but we are always walking up to her door very cautiously looking for the dog. 

I am doing great. I love this work. I love my investigators. Sometimes my investigators teach me more than I think I teach them. We are teaching a man named Freddy. He is over 50 years old and always teaches me something about the atonement through his actions and comments about how he is changing his life. I love learning about the Savior. His atonement is real. He lives.

I love you guys. Take care!!! 

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Picture with Elder Martinez
Caminando en el campo.... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 85 - Multi Stake Conference

March 7, 2016

This week we had a Multi Stake conference. And when I say multi stake it's like all of Central America. So that was pretty cool. We got the chance to hear from several seventies and Elder Anderson that day. It was such a great experience. I loved the talk by the Area President, Elder Duncan, as he spoke on the atonement in our lives. Also a talk by Elder Arnold about when Peter walked on water with Jesus. Can you imagine the experience that must have been to be able to walk on water?? But then at the same time as you are sinking to the sandy bottom, feel the strong hand of Christ himself pulling you up. What a learning experience that must have been for Peter. 

This week we had a lot of time to work in our area. We worked super hard but have not been able to find a lot of positive investigators. Are faith was tested this week. The investigators we have been teaching have had a lot of problems with the some of the commandments. We have been thinking about them a lot and are ready to help them in anyway possible. 

This week we also went to work in an area super far away called Las Flores. It was kinda fun as we talked to a lot of people on the Bus on the way up there. I will send a picture of Elder Bradbeer and I up by the welcome sign. We also have been going to some villages late at night. Ha ha, I need to start bringing my flash light before I fall and scrape my knee or run into a barbed wire fence...ha ha. Sometimes we get scared as a random chicken will run out in front of the grass.... 

Elder Solis is doing awesome. I really enjoy working with my two companions. We are excited to have a lot of success this month as well and to keep working super hard. 

Last night we had an awesome lesson with the family I have told you guys about that are investigating the church. Only the mom and one of the daughters were able to go to the conference because the husband has to work. He works making hammocks. Pretty good job. But anyways... We started teaching our planned lesson but as the spirit directed we changed topics. They expressed there concerns about change and repentance in their life. As the members who were with us bore their testimony, my mind was racing to find scriptures to share. One of the most common scriptures came to my brain in Mosiah 3:19. That talks about how we need to change to become more like Christ. I noticed for one of the first times that it talks about how we need to change through the atonement of Christ. I have no idea why I did not see that before..... but it talks about how as we develop those Christ like attributes and submit to our Fathers will, then the Grace of the Atonement can carry us the rest of the way. We taught that to the family and we hope they now have a better understanding of the atonement in their lives. 

I have felt myself become closer to Christ this week than ever. As I have turned to him in prayer everyday I have felt His foot steps alongside me, guiding me to teach as he would teach and do as he would do. This is His church. He loves us. He wants us to succeed. We will succeed as we do His will. 

Take care,
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Los Pueblos Zone


Week 84

February 29, 2016

March in Cache Valley usually isn't very windy. Here it looks like it is going to be super windy. Like I have mentioned there is always a lot of dust in the area. But i love the work. And like the dust, the work is picking up as well..

Alright, I will stop with the lame jokes. ha ha. But really the work is going super great right now. We just had the baptism of Marcello. He was super excited for his baptism. He has been going to mutual and is now going to seminary as well. His little brother is going to be baptized on the 19th of March. We have stake conference and another week where we will not be able to be baptize because of other conferences. But we are super excited about that. We should be able to have about 4 baptisms this next month as well. 

Elder Ochoa of the Seventy and his wife came to the mission this week. Elder Ochoa is in the area presidency as well. They gave great lessons this week. On Thursday we got up early and got the zone on the bus and we went to the multi zone with some of the other zones. Elder Ochoa gave a talk on the atonement. That really impacted me. He said a phrase that stuck with me. He said, "The atonement sometimes is not easy to explain, but it is easy to feel." I really felt the truth of that statement. I sometimes as a missionary can not explain to a fullness the power of the atonement. It is not until they feel the atonement that they can really understand the power of this principle in there lives. 

On Friday Elder Bradbeer and I got up early to go to Managua. Once again we received great revelation as the leaders in the mission. He talked about being a pastor and leading the sheep, or investigators, to green grass. Sometimes sheep get lost in brush and thorns. But as we use inspired questions we can get them back to that green pasture where they belong. I really like that parable and we have been trying these last few days to change how we teach by using inspired questions from the spirit.

I love this work. This is his gospel. He loves us. I have tried a lot this week to understand the spirit and what the Lord wants me to do. I have felt myself be guided to people who otherwise I would have not found, and have taught things I would not have taught, if it was not for the spirit. I have felt the guidance of the spirit in abundance. I know that I need to forget myself, and work even harder. That is what I am going to do.

I love you guys. Take care. Let me know how tryouts go. Love you all!!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson