Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 86 - Proclaiming this gospel like a trumpet

March 14, 2016

This week went flying by like crazy. It was full of conferences and changes.

Not much to say about changes. I am staying here in Los Pueblos with Elder Bradbeer and Elder Solis. I am super excited about that. I really enjoy the area and working here in this zone. 

I don't know if you guys remember when I talked about Elder Castillo. He was finishing up his training in Las Palmas when I went to be Zone Leader with Elder Hironaka. He had changes and is now the Distirct Leader in my District. Haha! He is a super funny guy. He always wants to talk about all the times we worked together and laugh at all our funny experiences in Las Palmas. He is doing a super good job in his new area as well. Almost all our areas in the zone had a change. 

So with this change it meant that Elder Martinez my trainer left. I learned a lot from him. When the change meeting ended I saw him tear up.... I never ever saw Elder Martinez tear up. We are a lot a like....hahah. But I just went up and gave him a hug and told him thanks for everything. He was super sad to leave the mission and all his friends. He was a great missionary, and I owe a lot to him because he has taught me a lot of stuff over these past 19 months. 

So with the changes I took the opportunity to go up to Diriomo this week with Elder Solis. Elder Bradbeer stayed with the District Leader and did some work with Elder Castillo in his area. I left at 8:30 in the morning and got back a little after 5. It was a great day. 

In the District meeting in Diriomo I was sitting down verifying how the missionaries taught in the practices and just listening to them when I got hit with a desire to teach. Hahaha!  I just wanted to jump in and start teaching with them. This week I have felt a need more than ever to teach and proclaim the restored gospel. I love in Doctrine and Covenants when it talks about proclaiming this gospel like a trumpet! I then spent the afternoon doing a couple of interviews and meeting some of the investigators. 

We have been working super hard this week in the area. We only found one really positive lady though. She loved the conference. She was super excited when we passed by that night and was even more excited to come back on Tuesday. She is an older lady that just lives with her young grandson. Funny story is that she has a dog that bites...haha, not hard just like nips. Out of nowhere we were teaching and the dog just came up and nipped on Elder Solis leg. Nothing happened to his leg, didn't even leave a mark, but we are always walking up to her door very cautiously looking for the dog. 

I am doing great. I love this work. I love my investigators. Sometimes my investigators teach me more than I think I teach them. We are teaching a man named Freddy. He is over 50 years old and always teaches me something about the atonement through his actions and comments about how he is changing his life. I love learning about the Savior. His atonement is real. He lives.

I love you guys. Take care!!! 

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Picture with Elder Martinez
Caminando en el campo.... 

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