Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Wow what a week it has been here in Granada. I didn't think it could get much hotter but I think it has gotten hotter. I am constantly dripping sweat and the members sometimes laugh at me with my red face and dripping sweat. But oh well.

Mom had a few questions that I will answer really fast.
My typical Pday consists of waking up and going to a zone activity. We have played games gone to breakfast and today we went on a hike and went and got ice cream. Today as well I got my first haircut. It is way short.....way short......
A sister in the ward does my laundry for us.
I am with the elders and sisters in my district quite a bit because Elder Martinez is district leader so we go to baptismal interviews and stuff. And the zone I see every Friday and Monday at least. There are about 20 of us here in Nicaragua. In my zone there are 5 gringo elders. One is an Elder who got here just 6 weeks before I did who is going to play for the Utah State Basketball team. He played for Bountiful I think.....
I will try to send some pictures today.
I have not received any letters or packages yet. The mail to get here is really fast though so it should be soon. I sent a letter to you guys last week.
It rains about every other day if not every day. It is always muddy and my shoes are always dirty and the bottoms of my pants show that we are in the mud.

This week we worked really hard and walked a ton. On Friday we walked all over our area to interview or 4 baptismal prospects. They are all amazing people. Then on Saturday we walked all over Granada to get baptismal clothing and buy a cake.....yes a cake......One of the lady’s that we baptized had to get married before she could get baptized. It was done really fast in their home with a lawyer and a small cake bought by 3 missionaries. She has 3 sons. One is a recent convert and the 2 others are younger and got baptized as well with her on Saturday. The other was a man who is married to a recent convert. This family is amazing!! They are so great. The wife has so many questions about the gospel as she reads and ponders the book of Mormon and Liahonas. The husband started taking the lessons about the same week I got here. They have 3 little kids that are so much fun to be around. They always take way good care of us. As the husband was baptized I saw change. Change in the man that he was and I saw what he was capable of becoming. Something I have been learning is how to view people as our Heavenly Fathers sees them. As I contact people it is always in my brain of how great they could be in a calling and serving in the church even if they have problems. God loves all his Children no matter what. 

After the baptism we went on splits. I went with Elder Martinez while Elder Jimenez went with the branch mission leader. We already spent a lot of money on taxis to get them to the baptism so we decided to just walk. Elder Jimenez and the mission leader took a taxi. Well we didn’t walk, we ran. It is about 3 and half miles from the baptism font to our area. I’m sure you can picture a gringo runnin the main street of Granada with tie flying behind him and his bag in his hand. I was so drenched in sweat when we got there. But once we got there we were so calm. Elder Martinez and I Decided to just contact people. WE walked slowly and listened to the spirit. As we did that we found some people to talk to that we ended up teaching Sunday and have further appointments later this week. It is amazing how important the spirit is in missionary work. 

A song sang in sacrament was because I have been I given much I too must give. I love that song. I have been blessed with everything. And now it is my time to give. I have a loving family at home, amazing friends, and opportunities to succeed in life, and most importantly the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soccer is so important in my life still but it does not compare to how important my family and the gospel is. I love you all. I love getting your letters. For the Christmas list as of right now all I can think of is maybe a family picture in a frame and just small things like candy or stuff. I love getting letters from home and just small things. My life is very simple here in the mission. I love you!

Elder Morgan Anderson

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