Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014
This week we worked on finding new investigators as all our recent investigators were either baptized or decided they didn’t want the gospel anymore. So we had a lot of contacting and just talking to people which I really enjoy. Some people are receptive and others are not. You can tell the people who have been prepared to receive the message and who has not. We constantly try to rely on the spirit as we teach and find people. Last night we were on the edge of our area and I just kept feeling like we needed to go to the very edge and contact in the street. We slowly made our way over there and contacted people, some we set up appointments with. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to go over there I just felt like that was where we needed to be. We didn’t do anything spectacular just talked to people about the gospel. But we trusted in the spirit and followed his guidance. That brings me to General Conference!!!

Well it was all in Spanish. I was only able to attend the priesthood session and all of Sunday. It was hard to understand but I could get the overall message. I like it in English much better. I took notes and prayed to have the gift of interpretations of tongues. I felt like I benefited from the messages as I wrote down my thoughts as they spoke. 

Between conference sessions
with Elder Jimenez and Elder Martinez
The overall message I got from conference was to rely on the spirit and do the simple things like reading your scriptures and prayers. I loved the talk by Elder Christensen in the priesthood session as he talked about gaining a testimony. As he spoke I reflected back on when my testimony has grown. As I thought about it most if not all have either been when I was alone or with family. One instant that comes to mind is when Dad, Jaren, and I were out in Yost last year deer hunting. I remember we climbed over the mountain and sat and spotted for a while. I was totally focused on the deer but I felt the spirit so strong. As we sat in silence and just watched. It is so beautiful in that area. I felt the love of my Savior as we just sat there. It strengthened my testimony of everything. It’s amazing how some things are so simple but can strengthen a testimony so strong. Feelings of peace, happiness, and joy are the fruits of the spirit as it says in the bible. I used to think it was some strong feeling but most of the time it’s just calm and peace. President Monson and President Eyring also gave way good talks on Sunday morning.

With Love,
Elder Anderson

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