Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014
Wow I can’t believe October is almost over. This month has gone by fast, but slow at the same time.  A lot has happened.  Conference, baptisms, changes, a lot......

On Tuesday we had a meeting for all the new missionaries that came in the same time with me and our trainers. It was great to see everyone from the CCM and talk with them about their experiences and their Spanish J. Everyone is good.   I learned a lot from the meeting especially when President spoke about what we need to do to be good missionaries, and how a mission can change our lives. One of the ways a mission can help us to improve better is to learn to love our families more. I definitely have learned to love my family more!  I miss you guys like crazy but I am where I need to be. 
With Elder Jimenez on October 25th

Tuesday night we got a call that we needed to go to Managua.....again. Elder Jimenez had to do some stuff with the group of  missionaries that arrived with him.  Something to do with obtaining residence in Nicaragua. I will have to do the same thing in a couple weeks. We were in Managua twice this week which made it hard for us to get a full day of work in our area.  I prefer being here in Granada and in my area. 

Saturday we had baptisms! We were able to baptize 4 people this week which was fantastic.  I have worked a lot with these people, to help them prepare to be baptized.  One was a 14 year old boy which reminded me of my brothers.  His family are members but he was not.  He is a super cool kid!   I loved teaching him, and I am so glad he is now a member of the church!  I love the people of Nicaragua.  

During the week I was able to go and work with the zone leader for a while.   Elder Jimenez went and worked with the zone leader’s companion while he gave interviews.  That was fun. 

Spanish is slowly coming. Yesterday, they asked me to give a short talk in sacrament meeting. It was an on the spot talk which was exciting - I guess. I just shared my thoughts on D&C 4 and missionary work then shared my testimony. It was only like 3 minutes.  

Thank you for the emails and pictures!

Elder Morgan Anderson

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