Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was really rough. I don’t have a ton of time to write today but it was a rough week. Every day it has rained and turned the streets into rivers and made it all muddy......But the hardest thing was teaching Investigators. Nobody wants to listen and to exercise faith. We had an investigator that we thought would be baptized this week but she decided she didn't want to and she wasn't ready. We know she is ready. She just needs that little bit of faith to change her life. Her whole family is members and she is ready to take that first step. I think she is waiting for a huge answer. She says she knows that our message is true but wants a definitive answer......The fruits of the spirit are, happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, etc.....The spirit usually doesn't work with a huge answer but in small ways and feelings that give you a sense of happiness. 

This week we were walking back to the house at the end of the day and a rock hit me in the leg. I looked around and didn't see anybody. Then Elder Jimenez got hit with a rock. WE don’t know who threw them but we just quickly walked home....haha another day in the mission I guess. 

At Lake Nicaragua
This week was fast Sunday. As we fasted I had a few things on my mind. One of them was how I could better understand the spirit. As we were in sacrament meeting I took the sacrament and just thought about Jesus Christ and the atonement and the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father. I was filled with the spirit as I felt peace and joy. I love the opportunity to take the sacrament each Sunday and I now have a greater testimony of fasting. 

This week also we started running. Our house is back on a dirt road from the main road and we do sprints up and down it in the morning for about 20 minutes. I feel so much better during the day now that I exercise. Today for pday we went to the lake and played soccer kinda on the beach. It was a lot of fun. After we went to Kathy’s waffle house where I got a burger. It has been a really good pday. 

This week is changes and we don’t know what’s going to happen. Elder Jimenez is done with training now so we don’t know who will be changed or what will happen. The other elders in our district are in the same situation. Who knows I might be in a new area next week.....I will let you know what happens. I have faith in the lord that he will put me where I can work and succeed. 

Thank you for everything. I love getting your letters.  I am glad all is well  I will write you next week. I love guys!


Elder Morgan Anderson

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