Monday, March 9, 2015

This week is all about work.

March 9, 2015

Wow, so this week has been all about  work. It has been one of those weeks where you just put your head down, square your shoulders and just give it all you got until it’s time for bed. I love it.

This week was a great week as I mentioned before of working. We have so many people that we are teaching including 3 families. We go and go and go until we are super tired by the end of the day. I come home and my feet hurt because we have been walking so much. I love it. Our area is producing a lot of good work that we have to do.
Elder Anderson's desk

With a lot of work it also means there are lots of problems and trials that our investigators are facing. One of our really positive families now has a lot of doubts about the church. Last night as we walked away from their house I was really sad to know that they are having trials and doubts about the church.  The whole night I couldn’t stop thinking about how we can help them. As I was reading my scriptures this morning I once again read in Ether 12:6. We will have trials, but after we act with our faith, our faith will grow into something that will stand strong in the winds of the adversary. I hope I can teach my investigators that even while we have trials we need to always have the faith to push through.

A rare Subway treat!
This week my testimony was also strengthened of the Book of Mormon. I generally use a lot from the Bible as I teach people, but now I have a goal to share more out of the Book of Mormon. I also have a goal to always have a Book of Mormon in my hand while working. As we were in a lesson with a man and his son, my companion shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon. I don’t even remember what the scripture was, but I was blessed to feel the spirit testify of how powerful and important the Book of Mormon is for us. I know it was written for us in these latter days.

This last week we also had a lot of dinner appointments with members. Haha wahoo!!! Gallo Pinto, fried cheese, bread, and always fruit drinks. We also eat a lot of chicken. Something else we eat here a lot of is plantains. Fried, boiled, cooked. I don’t know how else they cook them, but we eat a lot of them. Haha... Sorry, Jaren asked about the food. We always eat a lot of rice and beans. I miss the beef from home. Its not the same here........I need some Angus beef.

I am doing really good right now. I had the amazing blessing to talk with my trainer Elder Martinez this week as everyone was waiting for their regular 3 month interview with President. He is always helping me with advice and telling me how I can better help my investigators. He is an amazing example to me. I really enjoyed my interview with President. He is a great example to me and I know that he is always supporting us as missionaries in the work. I know that he receives personal revelation for us and the mission.

I love the mission. I feel more and more everyday like Nicaragua is my home. I love the people. I love the food. I love this mission. I love the gospel. I am so very grateful for this opportunity to serve. I am so grateful for your love and support.

I love you guys!!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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