Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I hit double digits!

 May 25, 2015
Dear Family and Friends,

Well I hit double digits this week.....10 months on the mission! There are so many days I just want to go back and start all over on day one again. I love the mission and can already see how the mission has changed me for the better especially with being more humble and patient.

So I guess the big news of the week is that our old lady that was supposed to be baptized this week was not baptized....wow I didn’t know that I would have so much stress trying to help her get baptized. She knows the church is true and loves going to church. She has had some problems these last few weeks with her family and I know that has put an impact on her decision. She also has been sick and hasn’t been able to leave the house very much....So we continue to keep working with her and the members to try to help her get baptized hopefully within the next few weeks. Just as Nephi said, there is opposition in all things.

But the Lords work is always moving forward. This week will baptize a way cool guy! I am so excited for this baptism. He will be a great member of the church as time goes on and it all is going to start with the baptism on Saturday. He lived in the states most of his life and speaks better English than he does Spanish so I just end up teaching in English most of the time. 

During the week I always have a ton of stuff I want to share with you guys or pictures I want to take but I just don’t take the pictures....haha. For example this week we were walking by the Jehovah Witnesses church in my area and there were a bunch of kids outside of the fence looking at the wall of the church. We went over there to see what's going on and there were two huge iguanas!! The one was probably about three fourths of my size!! But here is the thing..... I didn’t remember my camera. So I took a sweet mental image.... sorry!

I am doing really well I love the mission more and more each day. I hope all is well. It’s crazy to think I almost have a year in the mission and how school is going to end for you guys and everything. Have some fun while on summer break. 

I love you guys!!! I will take some pictures this week!

With love, 
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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