Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Welcome Home Elder Morgan Anderson, July 14, 2016

"Find Joy In The Journey!"  What an amazing journey of JOY these past two years have been!  My heart is full of gratitude for the blessing of Elder Anderson's return home and to be all together again as a family.  My mother's heart is filled to the brim with happiness to look at him and see what a great man he is.  He left home as my 18 year old teenager.  He has been molded, refined, and grown into who Heavenly Father knows he is and can be.  I have seen such growth and he will say his greatest convert was himself.  He was blessed to have great experiences inviting others to Come Unto Christ and truly know our Savior.  I love his Spanish accent and trying to find words in English again.  I love hearing him speak in Spanish and not have a clue what he is saying.  I am learning his Nicaraguan facial expressions that have a meaning all on their own. I love the connections he has made with converts and missionaries.  I have been blessed to love a country and people I will never meet.  My family has grown as we have prayed and been blessed to include companions as part of our family. I love the people of Nicaragua and the blessing of all who served and lifted my son for two years.  President and Sister Russell will forever hold a special place in my heart.  They have blessed and lifted him and continue to love him as their own. They have played a big role in helping Elder Anderson be the disciple of Christ he is today.  My joy is full to see all 4 of my boys laughing and sharing memories together again. My heart feels complete with everyone together again.  Our time together is short as Jaren will report in October to the Chile Santiago West Mission. Another great missionary journey will begin again. My heart has already begun to love the people, country, and culture of Chile. This blog doesn't end with the conclusion of Morgan's full time missionary service, it continues as Jaren will now be blessed to be called Elder Anderson.  The next chapter begins....shortly.

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