Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last letter from the CCM
                                                                                                                        August 30, 2014

Well I won’t lie this week has been a little rough. I got over being sick yesterday and now I am doing a lot better. Well it’s been hard this week saying goodbyes actually....ya weird I know. My district has meant so much to me! All of the Elders and Hermanas are my very best friends! They have helped me through so much. Every night before we leave we have a question for all of us to answer. They range from favorite place in the world to what animal we would be if we could be an animal. Everybody thinks I would be an that’s pretty cool!

Saying goodbye to my teachers has been really hard as well. Today has been our last day that they will teach us. Maestro Cayetano is an amazing teacher. I felt the spirit so strong today as he testified of the gospel and of his experience as a missionary. I loved it. Our last couple classes are after dinner with Maestro Chan he has been a way great teacher too!

Also today during Cayetanos lesson we watched a video on the atonement and missionaries! Holy cow what a video. It has taken the words from a talk given by President Eryring and Elder Holland. It talked about how the atonement is so important for the missionary. I started tearing up as Elder Holland spoke of the Savior in the Garden and on the Cross. The savior went through absolutely everything so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I owe everything to my Savior. Elder Holland stated that a mission is not easy because salvation is not easy. During the mission I will feel the power of the atonement. I will use the atonement. The atonement will carry me through these next two years. I don’t think I fully understand yet how hard it will be. The adventure has not even begun but I am ready and willing. 

Yesterday we had a full day of meetings for preparing us in the field. It was a really long day but very well done and it helped me prepare for the field. During the slide the presenter shared a parable of a tumble weed. A man just bought a new car, as he was driving down the road he saw a tumble weed he quickly swerved to avoid it which resulted in him crashing his car. The next day a farmer was driving down the road. He was in his old farm pickup coming home from taking care of the chores. I picture grandpa’s old ford flat bed pickup...haha but anyways, he saw the tumbleweed and sped up. He reached a high speed and ran over the tumble weed. The tumble weed broke into many pieces and the farmer went his way with no harm done to him or his truck. In this parable this tumble weed represents trials. We all have trials but it’s when we see them and do everything we can to work through them. There will be trials in the road but we need to be prepared for them and just run right over them. The lord will help us. 

Well I fly out Monday morning. Most of my stuff is packed and ready to go. I still leave the CCM at 230 in the morning. yipeee............haha then we wait 3 hours until our flight leaves. I really wish I could call you guys but its all good. I’m sure I will be able to email you again when I get down the Nicaragua. I hope all is well. Take care

Elder Morgan Anderson

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