Sunday, August 3, 2014

First P-Day Email

Dear Family,

I arrived at the CCM ok. The whole ride here I was freaking out inside. But tried to keep my composure just like a soccer game. The food here is ok. They let you eat as much as you want but we quickly figured out not to do that. Some of my district elders and I ate some ground beef. It tasted good but made us all super sick the next day. We still went to class but we had the runs and our stomachs ached. That was Monday and I still have some lasting effects today.  

My companion is Elder Hughes. We are exact opposites. He is into way deep thinking and pondering. I’m the work horse most of the time....but that’s ok. That’s what I’m used to I guess. Get r done Morgan. 

It feels like I have been in the CCM forever, but I have been here only just over a week. I am beginning to really love it here. It’s so green and beautiful. It rains every night. Wednesday night we got like 3 inches of rain in just 2 hours. It’s pretty legit. There is a kid in my district who is going to Nicaragua that played soccer for Bonneville. We get along great. There are probably about 20 of us going to Nicaragua Managua South that are here currently in the CCM. 

They gave us our first investigator this week. We had to teach him entirely in Spanish! I’m so blessed to have all the material and books they gave us to teach out of. Every evening we spend 3 hours just trying to prepare to teach him. I am pretty sure he is just a teacher here but I don’t know that for sure.....we committed him to be baptized though!! Last night was our last time teaching him. He bore his testimony to us in English and we bore ours as well. That feeling of knowing you helped someone’s testimony is way better than a state championship or scoring a game winning goal. 

Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I love you guys so much. I know this exactly what I need to be doing. I read a talk yesterday by Elder Holland called, The Miracle of a Mission. He gave it in the Brazil CTM in October 28, 2000. They say it’s hard to find but way worth the read. 

Elder Morgan M. Anderson