Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015
Well I guess the lesson I have learned about life as a missionary is that it is a life of change.... Especially my areas. So the story of the week is that yes, we had transfers again. I thought I would spend a little bit of time in Masaya but evidently not.

Masaya was a really great area and I was enjoying it.  Even though the work was very hard  with very few people that wanted to listen to us.  The people who wanted to listen didn't seem to be able to act with faith. Tuesday we got the call and I packed my bags and went to tranfers on Wednesday.

I am now in downtown Managua.  It is very different.  Most everyone here have cars and its like living in the city. We teach in the little suburbs outside of town. There are more stores and things to see city wise.

My new companion is Elder Quesada. He is from Costa Rica. He has been here in the mission field the same amount of time as me.. He is really nice and a good missionary. It will take some time to re adjust to a latino companion again since I was with an american for 6 weeks. The first few days in the area I really struggled but I am doing better. I just need to keep my faith in Jesus Christ and he will do the rest.

We already have 2 baptisms planned for this week. YES! I am ready to have some baptisms again! These two girls are always in church.  Their parents are not members but their grandparents are. Elder Quesada told me about them and how things never really worked out to where they could be baptised before.  We went to their house and now they are going to be baptised this Saturday.  I am super excited for that!

My birthday was a normal day. I haven't recieved any mail since Christmas but  i'll keep watching for the package and mail. I got kinda homesick yesterday and missed home a lot but I am doing good. President and Sister Russell called me last night and sang happy birthday to me. Maybe I will go buy something later today for my birthday. Crazy to think I am 19.

Yesterday was Stake Conference. President and Sister Russell spoke and they both gave really good talks. They talked on how the members can better help the missionaries. Its really hard here sometimes to get the members to help us. Then my thoughts turned to Hyrum Utah in the Hyrum 14th ward. Almost everyone in the ward are members with some less active and part member families. I thought of our family and thought of what a great thing it would be if you guys could be more involved in Missionary work in the ward. Invite them to talk to missionaries in our home or go visit them just to visit. To many times I think we wait for people to ask us instead of going to them. It was just something I was thinking about this week.

Today for Pday we went as a district to the lake and bought stuff for a picnic.. In the whole zone of Managua there are only 2 Hermanas. They are in our district. The sisters, the zone leaders, the district leader, and then me and my companion compose my district.

Your Missionary in Managua Nicaragua,

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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