Monday, January 26, 2015

So dad sent me an email a couple weeks ago with a cowboy quote. One part stuck out to me as I read it over and over again. WE SHOW THROUGH PERFORMANCE. I don't know why but it has been in my head over and over again. It reminds me of the quote I have in my room. There is always going to be someone better than you, but that doesn't mean anybody is going to work harder than you. That is the straight up truth. I show through performance......that means working as hard as I can everyday and perform. Some days its hard when the work seems to have slowed down or we don't know where to go when appointments fall through. But its all about relying on the Spirit and just digging down and really working hard.  

I have been able to run everyday except for Sunday this past week. Well, I run in front of our house while Elder Quesada watches me run....haha. I run for at least 8 minutes and end with a couple of sprints. I have stopped eating so much and I feel a lot better.

Well I have officially less than 18 months left in the Mission.....And I am learning that it doesn't get easier, the challenges just change. I am now more focused on the investigators and look more to help them. My Spanish is well enough to communicate with everyone now. There are new challenges everyday that I am faced with. Something new to do everyday which keeps it fun.

Our investigators are doing well. We have some now that are progressing including a family that looks like we will see a baptism or two within the upcoming weeks. The daughters are really interested in the gospel and so is the husband. They have gone to church several times but the thing that is holding them back is the mom who smokes.....its kinda sad to see. But we are going to go this week and see what more we can do to help them. We also have another investigator that we are teaching who has a brother on a mission. She has some problems. We don't know exactly what yet but we feel like something is missing. We will see what happens. I am loving the work more and more and I am really loving my time in Nicaragua.

I am working this week on having more faith. And placing more hope and faith in my investigators. To have more faith that they will progress and that they will go to church. It is a constant struggle to help them go to church. I have been reading a lot in the scriptures about faith and how first its a trial. Then we are blessed. Just like the Sons of Mosiah and the scriptures In Ether 12. This is going to be my focus this week is to focus more on my faith and helping my investigators faith grow.

I love you guys and love all your support for me. You guys are amazing! I am sorry I don't have any photos this week. I will try to take a few photos this week! I love you guys. Watch for mail coming soon! Let me know if I can do anything. I love you guys!
Your missionary, 
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Here is the quote that I sent to Morgan:

I can’t say I’m a cowboy because that’s just not what we do. We don’t tell everyone that we know everything and we don’t gloat that were not afraid to get dirty. What we do shows through the pride we have in our work. The pride we have when our cattle slip in the sale ring on sale day. The quite pride we have when our horse cuts out a cow. We don’t boast or brag that we know more then the next guy. We may not have the best language around but I guarantee well stop and listen to an elder talk or open a door for a woman. We’ll talk to a child like he was our own. Our horse is God’s gift to us. We respect every aspect of this animal yet no boasting is necessary, we show through performance. Our pickup and trailer may not be the nicest but it’s ours and that’s enough for us. Whether we back into the box or open the gate to the pasture, we will always live a simple life with our lord to thank.

A pre-mission picture

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