Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015
Wow I guess its already 2015. It seems like yesterday that I was getting ready to start soccer and was still in High School and then was opening my call.  Now that dream is a reality. Sometimes I still dont think its real that I am here in Nicaragua speaking Spanish!

So to start things off, no I have not received any packages or letters. I will look in the weeks that are coming up. The office has not sent anything since Christmas. I am going to assume that we get a lot of mail on Wednesday due to transfers.

So that brings me to my next topic........yes, transfers are here again. I now have officially 18 weeks in Nicaragua. Crazy! I dont know what is going to happen in my area. Whatever happens I know it for the best. I expect a lot of changes to the zone I am in right now, but like I said whatever happens I know it is revelation. I know President Russell receives revelation for this mission from our Savior and Heavenly Father to know how to keep the work moving forward with success. I am excited to see what takes place. We will know about  transfers tomorrow afternoon.

So this week one of the APs came out and worked with us on Tuesday to help us out a little bit. He is from Murray Utah. He is a way good missionary who I look up to a lot. He helped us know what we need to do to help get people to church and to help them progress. We need to teach with more love and with more patience. This week we really worked on first finding the needs of the person then teaching doctrine and then committing them to church so they can receive their own witness that this church is true. It was a lot better week than the weeks past. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

January 31st was a normal day for us except at night.......there were so many fireworks. At 12 everyone had fireworks going off. We lost some sleep. January 1st was a hard day because everyone was at home sleeping or with family. We treated ourselves for the holidays with a piece of sweet bread and a fruit drink.

Here in Nicaragua they make these mannequin's signifying the old year. They then load them with firecrackers, and decorate them. They are often decorated with an empty alcohol bottle in their hand.....ya I don't know why. Its a pretty cool tradition though.

Today for p-day we didn't really do much. We exercised, Elder Carter got his haircut, then we went and got lunch at a little pizza shop and went to the market to buy our bananas and stuff. Pretty normal p-day.

I am enjoying the work more because I am working at trying to be a better friend to those I meet first so I can teach them as a friend. It has helped  that my Spanish is progressing and can understand more now.

I am excited to see what the new year brings. All of 2015 I will be in Nicaragua. Wow........I hope all is well for you guys. What are some of your goals for the upcoming year? Hopefully by the end of this year I will be completely fluent in Spanish. Wow.......

I will watch for the letters and packages. Thank you. I love you guys so much and you are constantly in my prayers.

With love,

Elder Morgan Anderson

Oh ya, I bought a Cristiano Renaldo Jersey last week. I have attached pictures of it with another missionary from the district who bought the same one and a picture with me and one of the mannequins on the 31st of December.

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