Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014

Wow it is almost 2015 and I almost 19!!! WOW! I have thought a lot about how if they had not changed the mission age I would be preparing to leave. I am so glad I am here now and serving at age 18.

Christmas was amazing to be able to talk to you guys! I loved every second of it. Haha idk why I sound like I am from Texas!  I was just talking like normal. Maybe its my spanish accent starting to kick in. Haha but it was literally the highlight of my 5 months here. My bros have changed so much. All of them have grown and changed one way or another. 

Christmas here was just a normal day here besides being able to talk to you. The multi zone was amazing! I don't have a ton to write about because I shared a lot with you guys during Skype.

I bought a soccer jersey today. I will send a picture of it next week.  I also got my brown ecco shoes resoled. They look like work shoes now. It only cost about 8 dollars. They should work really good. I might go get my indoor shoes resoled too. Who knows. There are so many things in the Market here that they can do. 

I love you all and hope you have a Happy New Year. Keep me in your prayers and pray for the People in Nicaragua and in my Area. I love you guys so much.

With love,

Elder Morgan Anderson
Elder Anderson and Elder Carter with President and Sister Russell

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