Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 24, 2014
Wow I have officially less than 20 months left in the mission. This change has gone really fast. It seems like not very long ago that I was helping Elder Jimenez carry our stuff to our house. So I don't have much time this week to write but don't have much to share either

This week the branch had an activity where the Priesthood brethren came and we went with them to go and talk to less actives and recent converts. I went with the Branch President and went and visited a recent convert then we went and taught a lesson with a really cool family  will talk about later. We didn't have very many people come to the activity. One of the people that came was one of the men that I taught and baptized. Its great to see him continue to learn and grow in the gospel as a new member.  He received the Aaron priesthood yesterday as well. After the activity we got pizza. It was really good. I hadn't had pizza in forever!!

The family I was talking about is way cool. It is a really young couple that lives with the family of the husband. They want to learn more and more every time we visit. Yesterday we were able to teach about Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon. I was able to talk about Joseph Smith with them and I felt the spirit testify to me once again while I recited the words of the first vision. They were able to feel the spirit as well.  I want to study and learn more about Joseph Smith and the organization of the Church this week. 

I continue to grow and learn more everyday. This week it has been a lot cooler with rain storms. I am excited and nervous for changes. I don't know what will happen. I could be writing you next week in the other part of Nicaragua. I have faith in Heavenly Father and President Russell to place me where I need to go. I can do hard things. I am ready for whatever happens. I am an Anderson. 

I love you guys. You are always in my prayers. 

With Love,
Elder Morgan Monroe Anderson

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