Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014
Well another week has come and gone, and its time to start another one. I am so grateful for the opportunity to start fresh every week. This week was another rough week in our area. Its been hard to find people who want to listen and to be able to find people to teach and help them receive the blessings of going to church and partaking of the sacrament.

I remember my Jr. year of High School soccer. I remember very clearly how frustrated I was because I wasn't getting the varsity playing time that I wanted at the start of the year. There wasn't much that I could do about it other than keep playing hard and put in more and more work everyday. I remember we then went on spring break after a loss to Sky View. I did a lot of thinking about soccer while we were in St. George. I decided I needed to do two things, help my teammates out more, and just keep working harder and harder. After that trip I started my first game and was a starter for the rest of my High school career. 

Now with that being said, ha-ha you’re probably wondering why I am talking about soccer. But I am using a lot of information from that experience now on my mission. Right now things are hard, I am not having the success that I want. But some things are out of my hands. People have agency. The only thing I can do is work even harder this week. Contact one family more, walk a little farther, and do a little extra work just to find that one family that is waiting for us to teach. We just have to keep working hard. 

I am an Anderson, I can do hard things!

Elder Anderson and Elder Carter
 This week after a meeting with the ward mission leader Elder Carter and I taught a lesson in a class for the ward mission leaders. All of them are young men or young women in the ward. It was fun to have the opportunity to help them understand more about missionary work. We taught on how to first start talking to a person and then get to know them and learn the individual needs.  We then did role play with them. It was a lot of fun working with the ward this week. The Ward here is great to help us get referrals and work with us to bring others unto Christ. One family we visit about 3 times a week and they give us dinner and we give a small lesson. The grandparents are new converts while the kids and grand kids have been members for a while. I enjoy going over there to teach.  We always have good Gallo pinto. Ha-ha. 

This last week we have been getting up around 6 to go running. We run a little over a mile then get back to the house and do a few sprints in front of the house. I like getting up early and going running. We then do abominable workouts in the house before we get ready and make breakfast for the day. 

My new house muxh different than my other house. Mom asked for a picture of my new house so I have attached a picture. It’s not very wide but is long and has like 3 rooms, one for studying, one that has a sink and all our materials, then another for our beds and clothes. I have a shower in this house. Wahoo! No more showering with the bucket. 

I think I am starting to get used to the climate here. In the mornings I wake up a little bit cold but once I get up and moving for the day I get hot again and start sweating. Ha-ha.  

My Study Area
This morning Elder Carter and I went to Managua to do stuff for my Visa. We met up with all the Elders from my CCM district which was really fun to see them again. Everyone is doing well and it’s fun to see how everyone is doing and hear everyone’s stories.  We also stopped and grabbed a donut for breakfast.  It was really good!

All in all I am doing well. Spanish is coming along. I can teach and communicate with everyone now. When they talk about work or things it’s hard to understand. But all gospel related things I am able to fully comprehend and communicate effectively.

 I am enjoying this more and more. I am excited to open my Christmas package soon. Thank you for everything!  Take care. 

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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