Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week - 55. New Camera + Some Changes

August 10, 2015
“Cambios”  a word that means changes in English. Changes are always for the good and to help the work move forward and keep going in a direction where it can grow. I did get new two new companions. Elder Hironaka and Elder Castillo both left for new areas. I will miss Elder Hironaka to be serious. He is definitely a lifelong friend. He taught me a lot about missionary work and how to be a better zone leader.
My new companions are from El Salvador and Belize, Elder Henriquez from El Salvador is the other zone leader here. He has been a zone leader for a while out in a zone called Juigalpa. I am excited to work with him. His companions name is Elder Rodriguez. He is from Belize. I guess in Belize they speak more English than Spanish. The first day we worked together so I could show him the area and he was just speaking English with me. I asked how he learned such good English; he looked at me then said, I am learning Spanish. I just speak English....I was pretty shocked...haha. But it’s fun to talk a little bit of English in the house with him. 

This week was a little bit rough with investigators. We did have one baptism though. His name is Eddy. He is the man I have been telling you guys about. How he has changed his life and everything. After his baptism he came up to me and told me that he wants to help us baptize some of his friends too. We are already teaching some of his friends and all of them are really positive to be baptized this month. I love the scripture though in Nephi that talks about how there is opposition in all things. Even when you have a golden investigator there is always something that Satan takes and uses against the situation. But I know that through that we all grow greater testimony. I also love the parable about the sewer and the talk from Elder Oaks. It’s so true how we need to plant our roots deep so that the sun cannot scorch us.  

We had a lot of investigators that were really positive to go to church this week but then couldn’t come because of emergencies or just weren’t home. Sundays are really the days when you can tell if someone is a positive investigator or not. When people start to obey the commandments they start to change. That is why we are asked to follow the commandments, to be obedient, be protected, and change and become more Christ like. 

Elder Anderson with Elder Hironaka
I took some pictures this week! Cause I got the camera. Wahoo!! So I took a bunch of pictures this week for your mom! Hope you enjoy them. 

I love you guys! You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and always remember the Savior in your life. 

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