Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 66

October 26, 2015

Well this week was a really great Week. Elder Diaz and I worked super hard this week!!

This week we contacted, contacted, and contacted some more. And it payed off!! We were able to find some very positive people. I love meeting new people and hearing of their stories from life, their desires to come unto Christ. I have learned a lot about how to be more humble, and respectful, just by meeting these people. They don't know it, but they are changing my life as well....

Well I guess the big story of the week is that we had a Multi Mission Conference once again. We were pleased to have, Elder Snow, and Elder Alonso, from the Seventy, their wife's, and Brother Turley. Brother Turley some how knew Elder Diaz. After the meeting Elder Diaz and I were invited to take a picture with Elder Turley. Pretty cool meeting. I learned a lot about keeping records and doing even more to become a better misionary.

So I got bit by a dog as well this week. On Saturday night we were walking home to our house. We were crossing a normal route when I heard a short growl, bark, then my leg hurt....haha. It got me just above my left ankle. It broke skin but it wasnt deep enough to get stiches. I have just been watching it. The mission nurse and Hermana Russell have been helping me take care of it and making sure it stays healthy. Its fine. The worst part was that I was wearing my new Nike! Just got a little hole in it though. 

Everything is great. I love the mission
. Take care!! 

Nicaragua Managua Sur,

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Utah State Shirts!  Elder Mateo, Elder Anderson, Elder Diaz, Elder Rodriquez.

A package from home!

Dog bite!

Mosquito Net

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