Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 75

Ha ha it was great to get to talk with you guys this Christmas!! Everyone is growing up super fast!!!!! My brothers look super different! Even though you all say that I have Spanish accent....Ha ha thats what happens when you speak Spanish 24/7....Ha ha.

I apologize I dont have a lot to write about this week. We talked a lot about the week on Friday.

This week we met a super awesome investigator. It was one day when Elder Herrera and I were knocking on house doors....or yelling buenas.... and a guy came out of his house to talk with us. We talked to him for a bit and found out that he is an event organizer for a Rock Band....ha ha, pretty cool. He is super postive and we have plans to go by tonight to talk with him and his wife. He was all ready to go to chúrch when we passed by his house on Sunday for church.

On Thursday we had a great time at the Multi Zone. It was super fun to see some old friends, including Elder Orellana and Elder Presinal. The two of them are doing really great and it was fun to talk with them. Its crazy to think that Elder Orellana has already 9 months in the mission!!

I attached a bunch of Photos. I hope you enjoy them. Take care, I love you guys!!!

With love,
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan Anderson

Multi-Zone Christmas activity with President and Hermana Russell

Elder Morales, Elder Gesualdo, Elder Anderson, and Elder Hererra

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