Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 78 - El Gigante Beach

January 18, 2016

So somebody mentioned to me today that I only have 25 more p-days!  Time goes by way too fast and I love being a missionary. 

This week was a good week as we enjoyed the mission activity down in El Gigante beach. President and Hermana Russell did a lot to be prepared and ready for the activity. We left in the morning with the Zona Masaya, the zone right next to ours, and headed down. It was a little bit more than a two hour drive, but the drive was awesome. It was all pure farmland.  Ranches, corn, grain, oranges so many different types of farming. When we got there they had lunch ready for us and we had hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by President Russell and the Assistants. They were some real burgers! Then to top it off Hermana Russell cooked her famous brownies with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Then we got changed and went to the beach to play soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and broom hockey. Nobody was allowed to touch the water. Then we got to listen to President and Hermana Russell and we set the new goal for this year 2016. It was a really enjoyable day.

This week we have been teaching a lot of people and trying to get them committed to come to church. We have been having troubles as of late bringing them to church. I know that with prayer and fasting that we can be able to accomplish this need so that we can baptize more people. 

We are teaching a lot of positive people though including the family I have told you guys about. On my birthday they invited Elder Herrera and I to eat lunch with them. It was really good. We then taught them the word of wisdom and they have committed to keep this commandment. We weren't able to talk to them much this week, but as we passed by on Sunday to get them to church they were already on there way.  They are a great family. We are also teaching a man that is going to get baptized at the end of this month as well. 

I continually love the work. It doesn't mean its easy, but I love it. I love Nicaragua. I love the people. We had the opportunity to speak with a lot of less active people this week, including those who before were very strong members of the church. One lady started bawling as she expressed her desire to go back to church but didn't know how. The atonement is real. Its not only for our sins, but for our trials and heart aches. He lives! He guides this church. There is not a doubt in my mind. I can't show anyone with physical evidence that the Book of Mormon is true or that Joseph Smith is a Prophet, but I know that through revelation from the Holy Ghost that they are true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints is the Church of Jesus Christ himself.  

I love you guys and wish you the best!

With love,
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

With Elder Gesualdo as they travel to El Gigante Beach

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