Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 59

September 7, 2015
This week was a lot better week as I got a lot of time to spend in my area as well as help out other companionships in the zone. I love being able to work with other missionaries and always meet fantastic people throughout the zone of Managua. 

This week I was able to work with Elder Paine. It was pretty fun when we got back at night and we talked for a couple of minutes about all the stuff we did at home and everything. It was fun to get to know him and his companion a little bit more and work with him in the area.

This week we didn’t get much sleep because of divisions but it was a great week. The family we are teaching are still progressing really well. We taught them the Book of Mormon and the Word of Wisdom. They even came to church this week with a broken water pipe line. There water line for there water broke to there house....it was kind of a mess when we passed by to go get them. They have a dirt floor and they had newspaper all over the floor trying to soak it all up. But they came to church!!! All 5 of them! Wahoo!! We had a lot of people in church as well as some other really positive investigators. 

We also were able to find another family this week. We were walking past this house where I lady was sitting on her porch with a little girl. I about tripped and fell in front of her house.....(there was a cement block I didn’t see....haha) But as I tried to catch myself I got up and went and contacted her. We got talking for a while about families and how important they are to Christ and to each of us. The little girl was her daughter and was probably about 6 years old. As we got talking about Christ can help our families she just started to cry......She told us about how she wants help with her family and how she wants a better situation and she knows she can receive that through Christ. Then out of nowhere her husband comes up and we start talking with him. The wife went inside to go help the little girl with something and we started talking to the husband. He then with tears in his eyes as well, expressed the same needs and wants. He knows he has the most things to change but with faith he knows he can do it. He was not able to go to church this week but committed to go the next week. We have talked to him about repentance these last couple of days; I am so excited to be teaching him and this little family. 
This Church is the Church of Jesus Christ and the most important unit is the family.

I am doing great. I love the mission. It’s crazy how fast time is going by. Like I have said before I want to go back in time and start over with all the information I now have. 

I love you guys!

Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Pictures in Restaurant with Elder Presinal
Picture with Elder Henriquez my companion and other Zone Leader in Zona Managua

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