Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 80 - Companionship of three

February 1, 2016

Even after changes, there are sometimes still changes. I got a call from the assistants to President Russell on Tuesday afternoon informing me that Elder Gesualdo would be having Emergency Changes to fill in to help out another area after some different changes there. So I ran back to the house and gave the keys to Elder Gesualdo and Elder Bradbeer so they could pack up... I have really missed the guy. He is a super great missionary and will do many great things.

So we thought that they were going to drop off another companion for Elder Bradbeer, but President has decided to leave in a companionship of three, which is super awesome!!! It is a lot of fun working with Elder Bradbeer. We are teaching great together along with the missionary I'm training Elder Solis. We have a blast together. Sometimes to just make things fun we run from village to village just to get to the other part faster.... 

We baptized the man I have been telling you guys about on Saturday. But, he did not get confirmed on Sunday. He will get confirmed this Sunday so all is good. We are also going to baptize the family! I am super excited for them. They have been awesome and came up to me on Sunday and asked if they could now get baptized. I told them yes and the wife was super happy!! They are great and always give us something to eat or drink while there. They gave us some soup on Saturday

We always buy from a nearby store. (Pulperia) It's actually right next door. We buy from there like every night and we finally decided to contact them one night....ha ha they are actually pretty positive and committed to come to church this week. I guess always buying chocolate milk and sweet bread from them every night payed off.

Everything is going good. We are having a lot of success lately and continue to work hard. Elder Bradbeer and Elder Solis are a great example to me and we make a great team. 

I love you guys! Take care! Enjoy the Snow! Be Safe!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Zona Los Pueblos,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

Elder Bradbeer, Elder Solis, and Elder Anderson

Look at those dusty shoes?

With Elder Gesualdo.  

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