Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 83 - Hard Work

February 22, 2016

This week went by way to fast for me. This week we put in a lot and I mean a lot of hard work.
Elder Bradbeer, Elder Solis and I, worked our selves into the ground this week and it payed off.

We have been working in a little bit more of the subdivision area to find new investigators these
past weeks so we decided to go the villages to find more people. We have to walk to one part of 
our area and take a special taxi that takes us up the mountain to a place with a ton of people. 
Its called Las Flores. 

We found a house out through a couple of farm fields with a mom and her two little kids. Her
husband was working so we had a quick lesson out in the yard. I saw that they had a huge Tom 
turkey. so being an Anderson boy, I made some hen sounds with my mouth and it stuck all its 
feathers out and started gobbling....haha the kids thought it was pretty funny. They were 
supposed to go to church this week but were not able to make it to church for some reason. 
We will go back this week to teach them. I will send some pictures of the sunset by their house
in the email. 

On Saturday we walked passed a group of guys that were digging holes for posts and they started
yelling at us to come help. I ran over there and grabbed the steel post from them and started digging 
holes for them. They didn't think I actually would do it. We found out they were using a farmers field 
to make a baseball diamond for a tournament. We started talking to them and taught them a quick lesson. 
It was a lot of fun just to dig a couple of post holes for them and I got a couple of blisters from it....haha. 
I haven't had to use a shovel or rake for a long time....hahaha.

So this week we got a reference from the first counselor in the ward. He lives way out in one of the
villages so we went out there one night to go find them and they weren't there. So we then went out 
there the other night a little bit later to find them and we taught an amazing spiritual lesson with them. 
There names are Jose and Erica. It takes us like 20 minutes to walk out there and its super dark out
there. The moon is just about full so it makes it fun walking out there through all the farm fields 
and rocky roads. All three of us trip several times on the walk out there....haha.

We are teaching two young men and trying to reactivate their family. They are super cool kids and the older boy
is going to get baptised this week and his little brother on the 5th of March.

This week we had an awesome lesson in priesthood. We focused on 2 Nephi 4. That was a great chapter and I
studied it a little bit more this morning. Even as missionaries we still have trials and problems, but with the help
of our Heavenly Father and the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be strengthened. 

I love you guy so much. I hope all is well. Keep up the good work. Let me know how tryouts and
stuff goes this week. Good luck Carter. I love the mission and i love this work. This is the 
Church of Jesus Christ.

With love,
Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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