Monday, May 9, 2016

Week - 93

May 2, 2016

Wow so a lot has happened this week and I don't have a lot of time to write. So I apologize that its short, but it won't be as short as last weeks email. 

So I am now in Jinotepe. Our companionship has changed and now I am in a trio again with Elder Bustillo and Elder Aguilar. The other Elder had emergency changes. So now once again I am working with 2 other elders. The area is awesome and at night it cools down. I still sweat a lot because its so humid, but its a lot cooler. 

We had a baptism this week of a guy named Miguel. The missionaries have been teaching him forever and he finally got baptized. He is a way cool guy and is super funny. We always go over and he always has some funny joke or comment. All of his family are members including his wife. It was a neat experience to see him get baptized. We also started teaching an older gentleman. He is awesome and showed up to church on his own this week. After years of trying to come unto Christ he is finally making his choice and I feel like he will get baptized this month. 

We had Leadership council with President and Sister Russell this week. It was a lot of fun and we recieved a lot of great instruction from them as always. We also had zone meeting on Friday. It took a little bit longer to prepare now that I am in a zone with 28 missionaries. After the zone meeting Elder Bustillo and I went to Rivas to go visit some missionaries and some people that are going to be baptized. Earlier in the week we went to a place called Nandaime that's actually in the Department (its kind of like a state) of Granada. So the zone is huge with 28 missionaries in 3 different departments, Carazo, Granada, Rivas. 

I love the mission more and more. I am excited to talk to you guys on Sunday. We have plans to get on the computer after 5:00 but I don't know what time exactly. If you get a chance just be updated all day....haha. 

Hope all is well. Have fun with all the new wheeler and snowmobiles. Keep playing soccer. Tell everyone hi for me. I love the mission. Stay strong in the gospel. I love you guys.

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan M. Anderson

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