Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 95

Wow!  So a lot has happened this past week and a lot more stuff happening this week. The work never slows down. And that's a good thing.

Wow! It looked like you guys had a ton of fun branding and riding four wheelers. I have been working a lot in my own area as well as traveling a lot as always. 

This week we had the baptism of Erik. Erik is a young man who has really changed in the last four weeks. When I got to the area he really didn't want to get baptized and didn't really know much about the church and the blessings that he could receive. He has read different parts of the Book of Mormon and has gained a testimony. A lot of his friends are returned missionaries so that helped a lot. 

In the Area we have found a lot of cool investigators. Two really cool families and a lady who told me that she is going to quit her job so that she can go to church again. Her whole family was baptized 18 years ago, but for small reasons she did not get baptized. I was super excited when we met her. I hope she progresses quickly so that she can join her family and get baptized. 

As well this week I took a trip down to Rivas and helped the districts down there. We got there early for district meeting then Elder Bustillo and I went and worked with the Elders to help them find new people and to get to know their investigators. It is a different climate in Rivas. It's a lot more hot and humid. 

This week we have a lot going on with interviews and council meeting with President and Sister Russell. I am excited to be able to talk with them and to know how to be a better missionary.

I hope all is well. Take care and let me know how everything is going. Hope you guys have a great week. Take care, Love you guys.

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan Anderson

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