Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 71

I am just going to start off and apologize as I dont have a lot of time to write.

This week was a lot of hard work in the area and was a lot of fun. Elder Diaz took the lead in all the teachings as his training is coming to a close. Elder Diaz has taught me a lot as a missionary and many times has taught me many lessons of humility and patience. Both things that I really need to work on...hahaha.

We do have a baptism this week. Its the lady we have been teaching from the Atlantic Coast. She got interviewed last night and is super excited for her baptism. The ward has helped us a ton teaching her. Our recent converts Oscar and Zenobia went with us to teach her. What a strong spirit I felt as they both testified of the truthfulness of baptism and the need to pay tithing. I love working with the members. The Bishop helps us a ton with the work and is always willing to do whatever to help our investigators progress. 

Thanksgiving we went to a restaurant with the Zone and had lunch. It was a very traditional lunch with grilled chicken, rice, plantian chips called tajadas, and mixed vegitables. I love veggies now....haha anything including cauliflower.... It was a little bit hard that day but it turned out good. I missed being with the family but we worked hard in the area and we didn't even remember that it was Thanksgiving until the end of the day. A member gave us a pot of chicken and potatos and rice. We ate a pretty good dinner after the day was over. 

Thank you for all your help and support. I love you guys! The shoes are awesome. Thank you!!

Nicaragua Managua Sur,
Elder Morgan Anderson

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