Monday, April 6, 2015

Multi-Mission Conference.

March 23, 2015

Wow time is cruising here in the mission. It’s hard to believe that I already have 8 months today in the mission. I wish I could go back in time with all of the things I have learned and teach all my investigators over again.

This week was filled with a lot of ups and downs. One night as we were walking the street I had an overwhelming feeling of how happy I was. I wasn’t doing anything exciting, I wasn’t talking, I wasn’t eating anything good, I was just happy. Missionary Work makes us happier. I loved the talk from Elder Bednar that he gave last conference. Holy cow its almost time for General Conference again......but he shared that as we have found the true happiness and healing power of the gospel we have a desire to share it. People as they see this happiness also respond to that and want to learn more.

Something that I have seen as well is how Christ has placed people in our paths to teach. As we go to appointments or are leaving appointments He has put people in the streets that we need to contact. I am always looking to contact people in the streets, parks, buses, and sitting out in front of their houses. You never know when you will find a golden Investigator in your path.

Something I have been really thinking about this week is how to have more love and charity for those that I teach. As the people can see that Christ has a love for them they want to better respond to that and follow the commandments such as going to church, praying, and being baptised. I have started by making it a point to smile more during the lessons and really try to get to know the person and find the struggles they are having. When someone can really see that they care they want to learn more and act more. Elder Gomez was talking about some of the past missionaries in the mission. He told me of how some missionaries would really take the time to listen and then help the investigators, contacts, or members with their problems. I want to be more like them and help them see the love of Jesus Christ for them.

So this week we also had a big Multi-Mission for the North Mission and for the South Mission. Bishop Davies of the Presiding Bishopric and also Elder Ochoa came with their wives. We all got to pass by and shake their hands. They talked about how to use the scriptures more in teaching and also how to love others.

Elder Ochoa and Sister Ochoa gave a special thank you to you Mom and Dad. They told me to tell you thank you for raising me in a way that I could serve a mission here in Nicaragua, to help those that don't know where to find the gospel of Jesus Christ find it.

Something else that I am going to try to do more is serve my companion Elder Gomez. I read an article in the Liahona about how an Elder everyday would shine his companion’s shoes while he was getting ready for the day. I think I am going to start doing that.

I love the mission. I love the people. Se que este obra es lo mas importante que podemos hacer. Como miembros de la iglesia tenemos un responsabilidad para compartir este evangelio. Se que este es la Iglesia verdadero. Se que El vive.

Te amo,

Elder Morgan Monroe Anderson

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